Carl Paladino

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Carl Paladino’s racist slurs against the President and First Lady of the United States are only the latest in a long history of bigotry toward many different groups of people, including African-Americans, Asians, Muslims, women, and LGBTQ people. To avoid enabling and empowering such a destructive figure, we are asking people to avoid doing business with him where possible. In particular, we are asking:

This includes not taking donations from or doing business with Ellicott Development or any of the other companies in which Paladino has an ownership interest. (While Ellicott Development has said that Paladino is not involved in their day to day operations, he is the chairman of their board).

To the best of our knowledge, these businesses are owned and/or operated, in part or in total, by Carl Paladino and/or Ellicott Development. While we take pity on the employees of these businesses, we feel no one should work for a known racist.

Charter Schools (read more about Paladino’s charter school dealings here)

  • Aloma D Johnson Community Charter School
  • Applied Technologies Charter School
  • Charter School of Inquiry
  • Health Sciences Charter School
  • Tapestry Charter School
  • West Buffalo Charter School

Convenience Stores

  • Big Tree Trading Company - 3405 Big Tree Road, Hamburg
  • Hamburg Trading Company - 4973 Clark Street, Hamburg
  • Allentown Trading Company - 553 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo
  • Elliott Square Trading Company - 295 Main Street, Buffalo
  • South Buffalo Trading Company - 1005 Abbott Road, Buffalo
  • Downtown Trading Company - 51 Broadway Street, Buffalo

Parking Lots

  • Swan Parking Ramp - 48 Swan Street, Buffalo
  • Main & Swan Parking Lot - 270 Main Street, Buffalo
  • Pearl & Court Parking Lot - 50 Court Street, Buffalo
  • Pearl & Swan Parking Lot - 100 Pearl Street, Buffalo
  • Washington & Swan Parking Lot - 285 Washington Street, Buffalo
  • Elliott Airport Parking - 4301 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga


  • 500 Pearl Street, Buffalo (read more here) (mixed use)
  • Country Inn & Suites Buffalo South - 164 B Slade Avenue, West Seneca
  • Days Hotel Buffalo Airport - 4345 Genesee Street, Buffalo
  • The Giacomo Hotel - 222 1st Street, Niagara Falls
  • Hampton Inn Buffalo South - 1750 Ridge Road, West Seneca
  • Staybridge Suites Buffalo-Amherst - 1290 Sweet Home Road, Amherst
  • Staybridge Suites Buffalo - 164 Slade Avenue, West Seneca
  • Wingate by Wyndham Ellicottville - 11 Mill Street, Ellicottville
  • Wyndham Garden Buffalo-Williamsville - 5195 Main Street, Williamsville

Apartment buildings

  • 1 Delaware Road, Kenmore Avenue, Kenmore
  • 10 Symphony Circle Apartments, Buffalo
  • 14 North Street Apartments, Buffalo
  • 17 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo
  • 172 Franklin Street, Buffalo (mixed use)
  • 176 Franklin Street, Buffalo
  • 173 Elm Street, Buffalo (read more here)
  • 269 Colvin Avenue, Buffalo
  • 301 Ohio Street, Buffalo
  • 351 Linwood Avenue Apartments, Buffalo
  • 373 Elmwood Avenue Apartments, Buffalo
  • 414 Franklin Street Apartments, Buffalo
  • 857 Delaware Avenue Apartments, Buffalo
  • 960 Busti Avenue, Buffalo (read more here)
  • 1088 Niagara Street, Buffalo
  • 1285 Main Street, Buffalo
  • 1350 Eggert Road, Amherst
  • 2450 Main Street, Buffalo
  • 3900 North Buffalo Road, Orchard Park (mixed use)
  • The Antonio - 269 Pearl Street, Buffalo
  • The Bellasara - 540 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo
  • The Belesario - 514 Main Street, Buffalo
  • The Commodore - 1240 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo
  • Ellicott Square Building Block - Swan and Washington Streets, Buffalo
  • Fairmont Creamery Apartments - 199 Scott Street, Buffalo (read more here)
  • The Graystone - 24 South Johnson Park, Buffalo (read more here)
  • The Mosey - 5191 Main Street, Williamsville
  • Pasquale at Waterfront Place - 132 Lakefront Boulevard, Buffalo
  • The Sherwood - 140 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo
  • Waterfront Place Townhomes - 13 Ojibwa Circle, Buffalo


  • Dollar Rent-a-Car - 4301 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga (read more here)
  • Thrifty Car Rental - 4646 Genesee Street, Cheektowaga (read more here)
  • See Rite Aid entry under the Commercial Realty Section.

Commercial Realty

Many government offices, businesses, schools, and non-profit groups currently rent from Paladino. Obviously, not all of them can move out immediately. We hope, however, that as their leases run out, they will try to rent from more ethical property owners. Take a look at this list of some of the entities that rent from Paladino. Consider sending a respectful letter asking that a move to a new location managed by an ethical owner be considered when their lease is up. If you have an existing relationship with any of these businesses, please consider respectfully letting them know how you feel about them renting from Paladino.

Note that we are not asking you to boycott businesses that rent from Paladino—only ones in which he has an ownership interest (these are listed above).


By 2010 Ellicott Development had built 160 Rite Aid drugstores, becoming Rite Aid's preferred developer across Upstate New York and western Pennsylvania. In 2010, Ellicott still owned 80 of them. We can't be sure how many of them he owns today, but Rite Aid has been and still is a source of income for Paladino. (read more here, here, and here) Paladino and Family Dollar (read more here)

Why should Western New Yorkers boycott Carl Paladino and those attached to him and his businesses? Let’s review (via BuffaloPundit and The Public):

Read more about Paladino’s record of racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and bigoted comments here.

A full report from the Public Accountability Initiative on Carl Paladino’s dealings appeared in The Public in 2015. Read it here:

Carl’s Powerhold

The Public Accountability Initiative, along with and several other agencies and organizations, have already done a lot of good work exposing and detailing Carl Paladino’s many political connections. Please visit both of these organizations’ websites for in-depth coverage of the subject.

Paladino’s Political Ties

A review of some of Carl Paladino’s top political donations (as of August 2015)

Read more about Paladino’s many donations to State, County, and City politicians here.

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Carl Paladino’s Board Seats and Business Roles, present and past:

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Subsidizing Paladino

From his own website, (third paragraph):

“With these new projects and many others, he challenges the downtown business community to embrace market-rate strategies for sustainable economic development and to willingly abandon the old engines of patronage and subsidy.”

Paladino has received millions in ECIDA tax breaks (see chart for details), rent from dozens of government agencies and local charter schools, and is the sole investor in Tapestry Charter School (see chart for details).

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Just a few of his government tenants:

Read more about the subsidies Paladino and his various businesses receive here.

William Paladino has a listing of his holdings, political connections, and community power postions here.

Though he and Ellicott Development have attempted to distance themselves from Carl during only the most recent scandal (including removing Carl from the company’s website as of 12/29/2016), make no mistake, he and Carl work closely together so all Paladino properties and relationships can be found here at and also using the above link or’s search option

Money talks

This website is not operated or owned by any organization. We ask that you boycott any and all businesses attached to Carl Paladino and that you make a donation toward New Buffalo and equality for all by contributing to any of these worthy organizations: